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Form ETA-9160 ANNUAL PERFORMANCE REPORT - Table 1 TAA COMMUNITY COLLEGE and CAREER TRAINING GRANTS OMB No. 1205-0489 Expires 03/31/2015 A. GRANTEE IDENTIFYING INFORMATION 1. Grantee Name 2. Grant Number 3. Program/Project Name 4. Grantee Address 5. Report Year End Date City State Performance Items Year 1 A Zip Code Year 2 B 6. Report Due Date Year 3 C REPORT IF AVAILABLE B. CUMULATIVE PARTICIPANT OUTCOMES ALL GRANT PARTICIPANTS 1. Unique Participants Served/Enrollees 2. Total Number of...
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Hurting all attendees are in mode good morning uh real quick go ahead and raise your hand if you can hear me you are okay perfect so let's go ahead and get this party started, so we can end on time we will be done at eleven-fifteen and as a way of a reminder this webinar will be recorded, and we will post it to the State Department website afterwards and just a reminder it takes a couple of days for us to get that all corded and uploaded to the website, so I thank you guys for your patient this is the State Department of Education annual performance report for 2016-17 and today's Friday, February 17 and what we're going to do today is just talk about the APR the annual performance report and as you guys know I'm Andrew Fletcher the coordinator of the 21st CCC program and with me is Camille McCaslin the program specialist morning and a quick little story for you before we jump into it every morning my son and I like to talk to Alexa which is the Amazon personal assistant things, and so we tell her good morning, and she usually tells us the weather in an inspirational quote or something like that and one of the things that she shared with us today is that today is random acts of kindness, and she played this lovely song for us [Music] [Music] all right now keep going uh so just a reminder that you know as you go throughout your day to perform random acts of kindness for people and do great things in the world I also want to throw out a couple of quick shout-outs of one a Preston school district their after-school programs does a robotics club, and they recently went to a competition in place 2nd out of 37 teams as though congratulations, and they were one of three teams that were junior high only, and I'm one of two teams that were undefeated in the preliminary rounds and so congratulations to them and I know that Kristin was super excited, and she was a little nervous because going into it, she didn't see herself as being a robotics person, and so she didn't know how it would fare out congratulations to them another one real quick city of the boys is I had I sit on a couple of different technical working groups and one of them is for y4y on summer learning program and one of the ladies on this conference call that we were on she said oh I was just in Idaho oh like last week just barely, and we got to talking on the conference call and I said oh what were you there for, and she said well I flew into sun valley and I went somewhere in the middle of nowhere this place arc Idaho i think it was called and and i said oh did you go to craters of the moon, and she said yeah, and we got to talking, and she came out to experience the national parks' recreation has a grant with craters of the moon, and they partner with city of the boys their after-school program, and they did this snowshoeing expedition, and so she talked about how cool it was and everything like that, and it was just a fun time for me of like oh yeah here it is on a national level...
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